soldier combat helmets
soldier combat helmets
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Over ten years ago, I pinned on the rank of Second Lieutenant and experienced my first deployment in the United States Army. If you’ve ever been to Arizona in the summertime, you know how it feels to land in Iraq. It was 124 degrees in the shade, and the only other place I can compare it to is hell. From all the stories the Bible tells us about hell, it is exactly like that. Little did I know that the comparison to hell would be realized in other ways.

One night while enjoying a little down time playing card games…

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Have you ever been to therapy? If not, would you consider going?

If either of these questions made you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Therapy is losing some of the stigma it once had as a growing number of people are coming to understand its benefits — but still, deciding to seek a therapist’s help can feel like a taboo subject for some people.

The truth is that there’s absolutely no shame in working with a therapist, if you decide that it’s right for you. Mental illness is much more common than many of us imagine — if you struggle with…

More than 43 million Americans struggle with mental illness.

That’s a lot of people.

For context, take a guess at the combined population of the following cities:

New York City | Los Angeles |Chicago | Houston | Phoenix | Philadelphia | San Antonio | San Diego | Dallas

Combined population = 25 million.

Odds are, we all know someone.

It’s understandable that you may not know what you can do to help, but simply talking about it is often the first step. If you are worried about someone, it’s important to not wait but initiate the conversation yourself.

Remember, don’t…

Dear Friend,

Happy Friday and May 1st! I am hoping you will take a few minutes to celebrate with me today.

Today not only marks the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month, but is also’s official launch day! This means our site is live, and we have begun enrolling behavioral health providers to extend essential mental health services throughout our community.

My co-founders and I started working on this project nearly two years ago. Through each of our unique experiences trying to find counseling services, we realized that the traditional system of referral lists, directories and word of…

I have always had the perception that therapy isn’t for me.

I’m an upbeat, naturally optimistic and healthy person. I consider myself a go-getter, and for the most part, I can balance the many competing roles I play.

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Except for…the times I spread myself so thin that I got sick, and the times when I experienced betrayal and fell into deep despair. Oh, and the times I feel so nervous about something that I start game-planning for all the possible bad outcomes months before.

Searching for a therapist is difficult

After going through a pretty tough surgery in 2013, friends…

Right now in America, 19% of all adults are currently experiencing a problem with their mental health. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Addiction

That is nearly 1 in 5 of all adults! Think about that in terms of your family members. Your friend circle. Your team of co-workers. Maybe, it’s you who are struggling.

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Coming to the realization that you need help can be very difficult. It was for me. Talking to a therapist was something that “other” people needed, but I could take care of myself.

Deciding to look for a therapist…

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