Today, We Take A Small (But Vital) Step Towards Transforming Mental Health Care

Dear Friend,

Happy Friday and May 1st! I am hoping you will take a few minutes to celebrate with me today.

Today not only marks the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month, but is also’s official launch day! This means our site is live, and we have begun enrolling behavioral health providers to extend essential mental health services throughout our community.

My co-founders and I started working on this project nearly two years ago. Through each of our unique experiences trying to find counseling services, we realized that the traditional system of referral lists, directories and word of mouth is a challenging space to navigate for everyone. Hitting dead ends of long wait lists and poor connection is especially discouraging during an emotionally difficult time. This is why we developed Therapeasy! Simply because we want to help make access to therapy quick and easy! is now serving the Colorado community, matching you with providers who are a good fit for YOU — not only based on demographics, availability, location and expertise, but also communication and interpersonal style. We like to think of ourselves as the eHarmony or for behavioral health. This is important because we believe that strong personal connection is the basis for successful therapy.

By making matching so easy, our service will also help providers spend more time doing what they do best, taking care of their patients!

I am so happy today. I am thrilled that we are taking this small (but vital) step towards transforming mental health care. Therapeasy aims to become a broader movement to spread mental wellbeing. How fitting that we are launching during this important month, mental health awareness month — a time dedicated to eliminate stigma and spread education about mental health. I hope you feel a bit of excitement and hope while reading this.

Side note, we have heard of significant interest from providers and patients in states outside of Colorado, and we are working as quickly as we can to expand to you. Thanks for your patience!

Join our movement to spread mental wellbeing and make access to behavioral health care easier. Visit to follow us on social media, enroll as a provider, or take the first step in finding your perfect therapist today.

Stay Well,

Christine Thai Way (Therapeasy Founder + CEO)

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